About TMS

Ichizo Kobayashi
Continuing to embrace the dream and the spirit of Ichizo Kobayashi, the venerable father of Takarazuka
As a training institute for future members of the Takarazuka Revue, the Takarazuka Music School aims to produce respected, full-fledged stage performers, by supporting students in acquiring the skills of music, dance, acting and other performing arts; the basic skills required as a stage performer; and a pure, elegant and well-educated personality. In this respect, we provide students with a range of training, with a focus on development of the mental and physical strength necessary to endure demanding lessons over an extended period to become a Revue star. We also attach importance to the education of propriety and etiquette.

Purity, Honesty, Beauty


“Kiyoku,Tadashiku,Utsukushiku” may be translated as “Purity, Honesty, Beauty”―but the true aura of these words can not be captured simply by words on paper. But if eyes are truly the windows of our hearts―then their true essence can only come to life on stage, and offstage―in the shining eyes of the Takarazienne.

The song of Kongoseki

At every entrance ceremony of the Takarazuka Music School, students sing the old Japanese song "Kongoseki."

The song of Kongoseki

Kongoseki-mo migakazuba Tamanohikari-wa sowazaramu
Hito-mo manabite nochinikoso Makoto-no toku-wa arawarure
Tokei-no hari-no taemanaku Meguruga gotoku toki-no-ma-no
Hikage oshimite hageminaba Ikanaru wazaka narazaramu

Kongoseki means diamond.
By singing Kongoseki, students express their determination to lead the most desirable way of life, in which an individual successfully develops her great potential to become a “brilliant gem” after assiduous efforts every day at the Takarazuka Music School.

The students wanted

Admission quota Approx. 40 females
Eligible applicants Individuals born from April 2, 2005 through April 1, 2008 who have graduated from junior high school, or who have graduated from, or are currently in high school, as of the screening day
Application period January 10 through February 1, 2024
Screening methods Interview, singing, dancing, and medical examination